Volp A.I - Artificial Intelligence Protocol

Advanced non-corruptible data and distribution management system combining a neural network and deep learning.

Why Choose Volp Protocol ?


It's a dynamic technology that will provide a quick and simple solution to integrate into any type of information management platforms and any other type of digital file. The protocol is integrated with tools that enable the easy implementation of functionalities that fulfill legal obligations, such as KYC, AML and GDPR.

These solutions will be managed by Volp's Intelligent Protocol, where it has to stand autonomous applications that will make decisions and make sure that the entire encryption system complies with current consensus standards.

What problem will Volp solve?

The scalability and immutability of information that is transacted within any platform that incorporates the protocol, will be ensured through an autonomous management system, along with a security analysis and a constant supervision by the system itself that will sniff and notify in real time all occurrences and anomalies.

With regard to the growing streaming market, cryptocurrency, IoT and etc . The Volp protocol can manage and process large amounts of information simultaneously, with success rates of up to 98% processing.

Our goal is to develop a platform that aggregates multiple services managed by an autonomous protocol through artificial intelligence algorithms.


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1st stage beta implementation of the protocol. Where in the current phase, it will be applied in a new version in the platform Volp A.I, giving continuity to the same blockchain.

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Volp A.I.

Platform that aggregates multiple services managed by an autonomous protocol through techniques of artificial intelligence algorithms.

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Compress Tool

Creation of a pilot tool in the area of file transmission where the protocol compression capability does not corrupt the files.

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Stand-alone application of the Volp protocol, power distribution and storage generation, security system, analysis and real-time statisti

Our Roadmap


Our roadmap gives you a short brief at Volp current development process, what we did and what the future will bring

Token Details

  • Asset Name : Volpcoin
  • Asset ID : 15307894944226771409
  • Quantity :150.000.000 Volp Token
  • Platform :Ardor Platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What can I do with my VCP coins after the launch of the new Volp A.I.?

After the launch of the new Volp AI platform, the old coin will have no more value, but the blockchain will be implemented on the new platform.

2. Why a new platform?

The blockchain of Volpcoin beta it has some anomalous effects that in the period of data collection we detected and realized that the language that the prototype was running was incompatible with the technology we proposed to apply.

It wasn't possible to be fully completed due to the incompatibility of supporting sophisticated algorithms. So we decided to move forward on a new platform, to see if the results were satisfactory.

3. Is there any way for Volpcoin beta get on an exchange?

Since the old coin will don't have value after the launch of the new platform, I don't think it necessary to be on an exchange

1. What is the purpose of the Volp Token?

The Volp token is just a way of monetizing the value behind the Volp technology and distributing that value to all of the supporting community.

2. What is the total supply?

The total supply is 150.000.000 VOLP

3. How many coins does the team hold?

The Volp team hold 4.5% of the Volp Token

4. Where is the token listed?

The Volp Token is listed on Ardor plataform, more specific on the IGNIS blockchain

5. How do I get Ardor or IGNIS?

You can get ARDOR or IGNIS on this follow exchanges: Indodax, Upbit, Bittrex, HitBTC, Stock. Exchange

1. When are you going to launch a demo of the new platform?

We will launch the new platform Volp A.I on 10th August

2. What features does this new platform will have?

The Volp will not be a copy, it will have a totally unique and disruptive language and concept, the result of solid work, even before the blockchain is presented to the world. Therefore, in a few days we will be presenting the prototype demo, with the applications of work in the following orders: Autonomous management, operation, and distribution; Compression effect with maximum stress;

3. Is this open source?

Yes our platform will be open source