Volp Applications

A short description of what the volp protocol can be applied

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M2M EV Automated
Identify management
Intellectual Property
Smart City


Security audit

Full scan using algorithms & Artificial intelligence techniques for Pen Testing Automation, solving anomalies and sending reports in real time.

Digital Archive

Compressing and distributing large amounts of data, protected by encryption and high-speed data processing solutions.


Protocol provides autonomous capabilities of the algorithms that making the system may expand indefinitely without the addition of supporting resources.


Through a new concept of encryption, it is possible to compress and manage large amounts of information without corrupting the transacted files.

Digital signature

To validate the integrity of the transactions, through a hash algorithm, developed exclusively for the protocol.

Neuron network

High capacity learning and processing tasks generated in the ecosystem of actuation due to the creation of a Kernel directs information to the neural network.