What is Volp A.I Protocol?

It is a set of norms and rules that help procedures that control and regulate the management of large amounts of information. With the help of a deep learning algorithm and neural network, attributes of artificial intelligence, it was possible to implement skills of detection and compression of Digital files. (set of bits that form a logical unit interpretable by a computer program stored in an electronic medium).

How does it work?

The protocol operates autonomously without human intervention, where it self program for each obstacle, resulting in more sotifiscadas skills.

The artificial intelligence can learn from its experiences and improve future predictions and decisions.



Algorithms AI manages the blockchain, taking deep autonomous decisions, detecting anomalies by human behavioral patterns fairly within legal compliance.


The Volp protocol brings in its DNA a complex of encryption algorithms, which are in consensus between compilers and current algorithms.


Through neural networks, it is possible to recognize intelligible handwritten entries such as characters, words, phrases, images.

- The network power will be used for protocol operation with a rate of 6.5% processing per node.

- Automated network decisions and real-time analysis.

- It doesn't host information inside the database centralized.

- It is represented by an identification signature.

- Action, correction, notification and overcoming problems.



- Disruptive construction of neural networks, the Volp protocol.

- Volp doesn’t work with conventional encryption, the decision starts with a set of neural networks built and compiled from the root, along with the use of a kernel suitable for these application purposes.

- The protocol uses a predictive performance process of deep learning algorithms for audit automation.

- Collection and processing of large amounts of sensitive data in real time.

- The Volp protocol acts in a personalized and dynamic way depending on the target of the application.


An automated innovation of an AI pen test that runs parallel to the main protocol, detecting

and transmitting the correction of underlying safety anomalies.This application technique that the

Volp protocol behind helps to maintain safety without any human intervention in control.